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Yazd is a city in central Iran, It is an ancient city dating back to the Sassanian Period (224-651 AD).

Most places in the old town are within easy walking distance from each other. Otherwise taxis are inexpensive. Motorcycle taxis are another fast and cheap way to move around the city but try to settle on a price beforehand. Local buses are also available for travellers.


  • Masjid-e Jame (Jame Mosque), dating back to the fourteenth century, is well worth a visit. It is an example of finest Persian mosaics and excellent architecture. Its minarets are the highest in the country. Admire it at night when it is lit up. {GPS 31°54'03.7"N, 054°22'08.5"E}
  • Atashkadeh is the Zoroastrian fire temple. The fire on the inside has supposedly been burning since 470 AD. Entrance is 10.000 rials, visiting hours 8.00-11.30 and 16.30-19.00. {GPS 31°52'52.3"N, 054°22'22.3"E}
  • Yazd Tower of silence (Zoroastrian's Dakhmeh) - the name tower is misleading as they consist of huge circular walls on top of two hills, within those the dead were left to be picked clean by the vultures. This is done in accordance with Zoroastrian belief. However, the towers are not in use anymore and open to the public. A quiet, serene place. The modern Zoroastrian cemetery is just there as well. Entrance free. To get there using public transport, you can take the bus going south on Imam Khomeini from the bus stop across the street of Amir Chakhmaq Complex. Get down on the last stop end of the line and then from there ask people for another bus going to "Dakhme", might need to wait a bit and be sure that the people will tell the bus driver to drop you on the correct bus stop, bus tickets should be 1.000 rial each. Once you are off the bus, its a corner of a 4-way intersection and you go right, you will see the towers, its a 10-minute walk.{GPS 31°49'30.8"N, 054°21'32.6"E}
  • Yazd Markar Square's Clock
  • Amir Chakhmakh complex, a breathtaking construction and a must-see. Visitors can climb to the top. {GPS 31°53'37.3"N, 054°22'10.2"E}
  • Amir Chakmakh mosque, not to be confused with the complex of the same name, but nearby and easily visited when visiting the more famous complex.
  • Yazd Water museum lots of interesting information about the Canat water distribution system. Entrance fee 10.000 rial. Visiting time 8.00-19.30. {GPS 31°53'42.2"N, 054°22'06.2"E}
  • Hazireh mosque
  • water reservoir with its four badgirs (wind towers)
  • Khan-e-Lari, a historical house

  • Alexanders prison, which was neither built by Alexander the great nor a prison, but a 15th-century domed school which is quite an interesting sight with a cafe in the 'prison room'. Often guides Would tell you the deep well in the middle of its courtyard was in fact built by Alexander the Great and was used as a dungeon but this seems doubtful.
  • Tomb of the 12 imams which dates back to the early 11th century, has inscriptions inside bear the names of the twelve Shiite Imams, though none are actually buried here. It is now badly deteriorated.
  • Madrasse-e-Kamalieh
  • Bogeh-ye Seyed Rokamdin mosque
  • Dowlat Abad Gardens with a building with a beautiful large badgir.
  • Walk around in the historic neighborhoods and relax in the parks. You can also hike up in the beautiful mountains of Yazd and enjoy a spectacular view of the city. If you are the more social type, chill out in the cafes and chat with local Iranians. Most likely, they will be very interested in talking with you.
  • Take a free persian classe at the vaziri museum next to the Jame Mosque entry. The teacher is very friendly and speaks good english. He will teach you some basic farsi sentences that are very helpful. He can also guide you through the museum and has great insights on iranian culture.


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