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Lab-e-Khandaq Historical Hotel

Lab-e-khandaq hotel is located in an ancient mansion known as Tayyebi house in Lab-e-khandagh neighborhood. the building dates back to the late Qajar era and is close to the Qiam avenue and the ancient bazaars. This building enjoys a main courtyard, an orangery, a wind catcher, a traditional hall and a roof connected to some other house which overlooks the historical quarter. 10 rooms with 30 beds and the nearness of the main munuments are the other advantages of this hotel.

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room price
single 69 $
DBL/TWIN 106 $
TRIPLE 133 $
FOUR BED 149 $

IBN: BE81 9731 7060 2624


Proximity to the historic Amir Chakhmagh complex, Qiam avenue, downtown as well as the Zargarha, Khan, Panjeh ali and Shahzadehfazel bazaars and Mehr Traditional hotel are the benefits of this hotel.

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