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Malek-o-tojjar Antique Hotel

This hotel is an ancient mansion once belonged to a guy named Haj Ali Askarshirazi, one of the well known business men whose title "malek al tojjar" was bestowed by Naser al din shah,a king of the Qajar dynasty, due to his trustworthy. His descendants of four generations lived in this house.

A narrow alley enjoying high walls is the entrance. Various rooms of the building have unique characteristics each adorned with paintings on the walls and ceilings by prominent painters from shiraz. The creation of these works lasted some ten years and go together quite well with the paintings of the orangery building in that city.

The beautiful porch,hexagonal vestibule ,winter and summer chambers,terrace,amazing wooden pillars,the eye catching courtyard,the lofty wind catcher,the big pool,the basement corridors connecting different parts and the mirror room have considerably added to the beauty of the building.

Malek-o-Tojjar as the first mud brick hotel world wide,was inaugurated in 1997 and became complete with 23 rooms and 77 beds. Its unique characteristics have changed it into a residential utopia for those who seek comfort and peace. The central courtyard and the base mentare are used as traditional restaurants serving local and international recipes besides a coffee shop.

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The building is located in the ancient quarter adjacent to the khan bazaar. Access to the hotel is through the khan or the panje-ali and the khan bazaar. Amir Chaghmagh historic complex has doubled its attraction.

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